DEEP and agile ANALYSIS OF YOUR CODE INSIDE IDE powered by Infer and [COde]AI®

[CODE]AI® is an IDE extension that uses lightweight Machine Learning to learn code patterns right in your IDE. It learns from thousands of programs written by you and can help predict the location of the next issue as you write code. It also helps prioritize warnings based on your focus area to help you stay in the ZONE. We don’t send your data to any server. All information stays on your local machine and get processed right on there. You own your data from start to finish.

Infer is a static analysis tool applied to Java, Objective C, and C++ code at Facebook. It targets Facebook’s mobile apps as well as backend C++ code, codebases with 10s of millions of lines; it has seen over 100 thousand reported issues fixed by developers before code reached production. At present Infer reports errors related to memory safety, to concurrency, to security (information flow), and many more specialized errors suggested by Facebook developers, which cause some of the more important problems on mobile.